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tFOSE Exchange Inc. is providing access to hedging and trading vehicles backed by underserved assets

We’re building an infrastructure designed to support the growing level of international capital flow

Launching in 2021, Subject to Regulatory Approval

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tFOSE Propretiary Indices

  • IOSCO compliant Index Administrators for established market Indices
  • IOSCO compliant Administrators/Calculators for tFOSE proprietary Indices
  • Global best practice standards in index governance
  • Will follow International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Principles for Financial Benchmarks
  • Will be transparent, robust and use rules-driven index construction methodologies
  • Methodology documents are constructed and maintained with the following prime objectives in mind:
    • Representativeness
    • Replicability
    • Investability
  • The oversight function is carried out by the tFOSE Index Committee, an Oversight Committee and, when applicable, an External Advisory Committee
  • tFOSE will use a global IOSCO compliant Index Calculator – no in-house calculation will be performed
  • tFOSE does not collect or process data for index creation
  • Data  input provided that is not  regulated  is subject to IOSCO Principles
  • Key tenets are Security, Integrity and Availability
  • Index and Data Providers are required to have primary and secondary data centers and be geographically separated and continuously monitored
  • High-performance, resilient and scalable platforms
  • Network architecture that provides redundant paths for all connections
  • A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Additional topics relating to the creation of proprietary indices can be found in  tFOSE’s  Submitter Code of Conduct document (to be finalized)

Regulation (Available Soon)

More to Come